How Much Does It Cost To Add A Family Member To AAA Membership?

Does AAA membership cover family members?

Associate memberships are available to the Primary Member’s spouse and unmarried dependent children under 21 years of age living in your home, and through age 25 if attending an institution of continuing education as a student..

What is AAA Family Upgrade?

What is a family upgrade fee? + For the Classic level of benefits, dues are charged for each member. For AAA Plus® and AAA Premier® benefit levels, dues are charged for the primary member, and to add 1 or more associates, family dues are charged. I currently need Roadside Assistance, and want to join the Auto Club.

Can someone else use my CAA membership?

Membership Information COVERAGE: Membership covers the individual Member and is not transferrable. A Member cannot use their CAA service for someone else if the Member is not present. Your coverage reflects your level of Membership.

Does AAA card holder have to be present?

A current AAA member card along with a valid photo ID must be present at the time to receive roadside assistance services.

How much does it cost to add a member to AAA?

The cost of adding other family members ranges from $30 to $65 a year, although there is a discount in the first year.

How much does it cost to add a family member to CAA?

Add Family Members to your AccountPremierPlusPrimary Member$179$139Associate Members$146$106

Who is covered under AAA membership?

Your membership doesn’t just cover one car. Your membership covers you, in any eligible vehicle you are driving or a passenger, if that vehicle becomes disabled. You should carry your card with you at all times. The first person in a household who joins the club is referred to as the Primary Member.

Does AAA fix flat?

No, AAA does not do roadside tire repair. … In the benefit Flat Tire Service. If you click on the link , you will see that they will replace your flat tire with your good spare on the roadside. If that is not possible they will tow your vehicle to a repair shop where your tire can be repaired.

Is AAA a yearly or monthly fee?

Depending on where you live and the level of coverage you choose, AAA membership costs range from about $40 to $165 per person, per year. To decide if AAA is worth the price for you, consider the costs and benefits of membership and possible alternatives.

Is AAA Plus worth the money?

But even if you already have roadside assistance, a AAA membership may be worth it if you want to take advantage of membership benefits like discounts, vacation planning, trip-continuation reimbursement if your car breaks down far away from home, and AAA’s approved auto repair network.

Can you share CAA membership?

Please note that your membership card is not transferable. To ensure family members are covered, consider a CAA Associate Membership. For pennies a day, you can extend the benefits of your membership to other members of your household.

Can I add another person to my AAA membership?

Provide the peace of mind and protection that you enjoy to members of your household. Add family members to your AAA Membership today! … Associate memberships are available to the Primary member’s spouse, one other adult living in the household, and their children living at the same residence or away at school.

Can my daughter use my AAA card?

Yes, but they must be enrolled as an Associate Member. Primary Member – The Primary Member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Membership includes Emergency Roadside Assistance and all other services and benefits.

How soon can I use my CAA membership?

Basic roadside benefits are activated immediately after joining. Plus, Corporate and Premier roadside benefits become active 24 hours after joining. When upgrading from Basic to any other membership type a 24-hour wait period applies.