How Much Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Pay Per Hour?

Does O’Reilly pay weekly or biweekly?

Biweekly payroll for all employees..

How much does AutoZone pay a hour?

Hourly pay at AutoZone, Inc. ranges from an average of $9.18 to $16.82 an hour. AutoZone, Inc. employees with the job title Order Selector make the most with an average hourly rate of $15.91, while employees with the title Customer Sales Representative (CSR) make the least with an average hourly rate of $9.68.

What is the starting pay at Advance Auto Parts?

$11.18 an hourpays its employees an average of $11.18 an hour. Hourly pay at Advance Auto Parts, Inc. ranges from an average of $8.85 to $17.35 an hour. Advance Auto Parts, Inc.

Is O’Reilly a good company to work for?

O’Reilly is a great place to work. You run into a lot of different people daily that need help with there vehicle, so the positive part of working at O’Reilly is making the customer happy by helping them diagnosed there problem. The management is very nice and will help you anyway possible.

Does AutoZone pay weekly or biweekly?

6 answers. Its bi weekly pay.

How much does Napa pay an hour?

Napa Auto Parts Company pays its employees an average of $13.12 an hour. Hourly pay at Napa Auto Parts Company ranges from an average of $9.92 to $18.14 an hour.

How much does a mechanic at Walmart make?

The typical Walmart Auto Technician makes $12 per hour. Auto Technician hourly pay at Walmart can range from $10 – $16. This estimate is based upon 40 Walmart Auto Technician salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Does Oreillys offer health insurance?

O’Reilly’s provides health, dental, and vision plans. O’Reilly’s also offers group life insurance, short-term disability insurance for accidents or illness, and long-term disability insurance.

What’s better O’Reilly or AutoZone?

Customer Service & Reviews Taking the averages as a whole, AutoZone comes out on top with the highest percentage of four- and five-star reviews while O’Reilly had the lowest percentage of above-average reviews.

How much does O’Reilly Auto Parts pay per hour?

O’Reilly Auto Parts, Inc. pays its employees an average of $10.97 an hour. Hourly pay at O’Reilly Auto Parts, Inc. ranges from an average of $8.70 to $15.19 an hour.

Who pays more AutoZone vs Oreillys?

Salaries. AutoZone has 244 more total submitted salaries than O’Reilly Auto Parts.

What is biweekly pay?

A bi-weekly pay schedule is the most commonly used pay period by employers. The schedule is determined by the business, with payment issued to employees on a set day, every other week. On a bi-weekly payroll calendar, employees receive 26 paychecks a year, 27 in a leap year.

Do you have to know about cars to work at O Reilly?

No. Just a good driving record. You need zero experience working on cars in any position at O’Reilly Auto Parts. The O’Reilly training software will teach all pertinent information.

Which auto parts store pays the most?

AutoZoneAutoZone Salaries By Job Title The higher paying positions at AutoZone include commercial specialist, parts sales manager, commercial driver, and store manager. A typical commercial specialist salary at AutoZone is $81,495 per year. Other roles at AutoZone include cashier and warehouse worker.

What is starting pay at Oreillys?

Average O’Reilly Auto Parts hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.97 per hour for Cashier/Sales to $13.05 per hour for Assistant Store Manager. The average O’Reilly Auto Parts salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Cashier/Sales to $40,459 per year for Store Manager.

How much does Advance Auto Parts pay per hour?

Average Advance Auto Parts hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.56 per hour for Local Driver to $32.00 per hour for Handy Man. The average Advance Auto Parts salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $69,346 per year for Human Resources Generalist.

What does Walmart pay per hour? Jobs by Hourly RateJob TitleRangeAverageJob Title:CashierRange:$10 – $13Average:$11Sales AssociateRange:$9 – $15Average:$12StockerRange:$9 – $15Average:$12Personal ShopperRange:$10 – $15Average:$123 more rows•Oct 28, 2020

What is it like working at Autozone?

The job is worthwhile aside from the subpar pay and benefits as long as you work at a well organized store. … Autozone was a great overall experience as my second job. People come and go at Autozone, but in my experience the people were amazing, and very mindful. Great place to learn and build experience.

Why is AutoZone stock so high?

AutoZone has helped boost its stock price, in part, by buying back its own stock for nearly two decades. … “What’s been driving this stock the last really 18 months since 2018 has been the growth in that commercial business,” said Stephens analysts Daniel Imbro.

What’s better Oreillys or AutoZone?

No real difference there. Autozone seems to have more stick on bling and aftermarket performance type of stuff. … There is also some difference in the premium brands that they carry, Autozone has Timken bearings, Oreillys has National. Oreillys has Gates belts and hoses, Autozone, Dayco.

Is Walmart buying Advance Auto Parts?

Walmart announced a 2019 partnership with Advance Auto Parts to create a specialty auto parts store on … The venture will sell common auto parts and accessories, including tires, lube and battery services, online and in its 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers nationwide.