Question: Does Playing Bass Hurt Your Fingers?

Why do my fingers hurt after playing bass?

They do hurt, but actually, because the tension is a bit lower in a bass guitar, it is more likely that you’d experience a lot more pain playing an acoustic guitar, for example.

The pain most people experience is simply soreness on the fingertips..

Is it easier to play bass with a pick or fingers?

Strumming chords is more effective with a pick. That doesn’t often happen on bass. The flesh of fingers gives a better sound on bass, as often it’s a smoother sound that’s required. If it needs to be punchier, there’s always the option to slap and pop.

What fingers do you use for bass?

Most bass players use the right hand fingers to play the strings. Some Rock bass players prefer using a pick because it gives a crisper sound.

Do you need big hands to play bass?

As a person who doesn’t have particularly large hands, you reach for a bass guitar and start playing, that’s what. For most of us – including myself– the issue of hand size and bass playing never came up. … And rightly so – the bass guitar is a big instrument and demands more from your hands than any other instrument.