Question: How Do I Cancel My GST TRN Account?

How do I cancel my GST TRN number?

The GST Home page is displayed….Login to the GST Portal using the Provisional ID and password received.Create your login credentials.Login to the GST Portal and click the Cancellation of Provisional Registration option available on the Dashboard on the top of the page.

Follow the steps of cancellation thereafter..

How can I activate my GST number after cancellation?

When GST Registration has been cancelled by GST Officer in response to the application filed by a registered person, and the registered person wants to start its GST Registration again, then he has to apply for fresh GST Registration.

Can we file GST return after cancellation?

Ans: Please note that, when GST is cancelled then you have to file GST Final Return within 3 months of GST Cancellation, in which you have to provide detail of Stock in hand and input availed on that and has to pay GST Liability before filing of final return.

How long do I have to cancel GST registration?

within 30 daysQ. 8 What is the duration within which Taxpayers need to file for cancellation of GST registration? Ans: Taxpayers need to file for cancellation of GST registration within 30 days from the date from which registration is liable to be cancelled, in case of voluntary cancellation.

How do I revoke suo moto cancellation in GST?

Online Revocation procedure : (C) In the GST Dashboard, select services, under services select registration and further under registration select application for revocation of cancelled registration option.

What happens if GST return is not filed?

If you don’t file any GST return then subsequent returns cannot be filed. For example, if GSTR-2 return of August is not filed then the next return GSTR-3 and subsequent returns of September cannot be filed. Hence, late filing of GST return will have a cascading effect leading to heavy fines and penalty (see below).

What is suo moto registration?

Where a person who is liable to be registered under GST fails to obtain registration, Tax Officials working in enforcement wings of their respective State/Central Tax Department, can initiate the process of generation and allotment of Temporary ID through the Suo Moto registration facility available to them in Back …

What is suo motu cognizance?

A Suo Moto cognizance is a Latin term which means an action taken by a government agency, court or other central authority on their own apprehension.

How do I check my GST cancellation status?

Here is a guide on how to check GST Application Status or GST Registration Status:Step 1 – Go to GST Portal.Step 2 – Go to ‘Services’ > ‘Registration’ > ‘Track Application Status’.Step 3 – Enter the ARN received by you on submitting GST Registration Application, Also enter the Captcha code and click on SEARCH.

What happens if my GST number is Cancelled?

Cancellation of GST registration means that the Central Tax Authority cancels the GSTIN issued to a taxpayer registered under GST initially. Such a cancellation would mean that the taxpayer whose GSTIN is canceled would no longer be a registered person under GST.

Can I cancel my GST registration without filing returns?

The Goods & Services Tax (GST) Administration plans to act tough with non-filers of returns and cancel their registration. It has also decided to update the progress made in this regard on a daily basis. Filing of returns helps tax authorities to estimate the tax liability and find out how much tax has been paid.

What is suo moto cancellation of registration?

Suo moto cancellation of registration is an action taken against the taxpayer to cancel his registration under Goods and Services act by the tax officials under various circumstances as specified under section 29 of the CGST Act and Rule 22 of the CGST Rules.

How do I check my GST status?

Open the common portal: Enter your valid credentials on the login page. Maneuver the cursor and click Service > Returns > Track Return Status.

How do I check my LUT status?

To view the submitted Letter of Undertaking (LUT) at the GST Portal, perform the following steps:Access the GST Portal at URL. … Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.Click the Services > User Services > View My Submitted LUTs command.More items…•

How do I reapply for GST rejection?

If you have any mistakes or errors in GST registration, you can rectify it in the application for registration either at the time of registration or even afterwards. You must submit FORM GST REG-14 along with documents. The GST officer will verify and approve within 15 days in FORM GST REG-15.