Question: Is It Correct To Say At The End?

Do we say at the end or in the end?

What’s the difference between ‘at the end’ and ‘in the end’.

Simply put, at the end refers to a specific time or location, whilst in the end is an idiomatic phrase that means in conclusion or in summary..

How do you say in the end?

At the end. In the end. After it was over. Now that we have reached the end….Here are 21 different ways:In conclusion.Finally.Epilogue:Ultimately.After the dust settled,The aftermath was/ Aftermath:Once it was over.Upon completion.More items…

What is the meaning of at your end?

Both ON your end and AT your end are used when referring to the place someone is. ON is more common in American English while AT is more common in British English.

What is different between in and at?

= in refers to inside the library and at generally refers to meeting outside at the entrance (although English speakers can use both to mean the inside).

Is it a end or an end?

The word “end” starts with a vowel sound. Any word that starts with a vowel sound you must use “an” in front of it and not “a”.

How is life at your end?

The correct expression is “How are things going at your end?”, or just “how are things at your end?”. It is simply asking how a person is, when the person is away from the speaker – either talking on the phone, or over the internet. ‘At your end’ means ‘where you are’.

How is everyone at your end Meaning?

Answered March 20 · Author has 2.9K answers and 301.9K answer views. “At your end” means “where you are” in this case. Whether you’re talking on the phone, sending a letter, emailing or posting on Social media, the person your talking to is elsewhere (on their end) and, hopefully, soon to receive your communication.

What can I say instead of the end?

Synonyms for in the endafter long the’s about time.sooner or later.

How do you use to end a sentence?

We think that the world would be a better place without advertisements. To that end, we are going to remove all of the banners from our website. He was aiming to get into the school swimming team, and to that end he swam every evening.

Is everything okay at your end?

“Is everything okay at your place?” is idiomatic. “Is everything okay in your place?” is not. … On the other hand, “on your end” and “at your end” are both idiomatic and pretty much synonymous.

What to say instead of all in all?

Synonyms & Antonyms of all in allall around,all told,altogether,collectedly,collectively,inclusively,overall,together.

What’s another word for the end?

What is another word for end?conclusioncloseendingfinishresolutionfinaleterminationcompletionclimaxclosure23 more rows