Question: Is It On And Off Or Off And On?

What is the meaning of over and over?


If you say that something happened over and over or over and over again, you are emphasizing that it happened many times.

[emphasis] He plays the same songs over and over..

Which is correct off and on or on and off?

‘Off and on’ and ‘on and off’, meaning not regularly, intermittently and uncertain, are both correct. You can use them both interchangeably, but you shouldn’t do the same for phrases like ‘here and there’ and ‘up and down’.

What does being on and off mean?

or off and on. phrase. If something happens on and off, or off and on, it happens occasionally, or only for part of a period of time, not in a regular or continuous way.

When a man says it is what it is?

“It is what it is” is a pronouncement of the man-in-charge that means the man-in-charge is giving up on a problem or situation (no more “doing”). This is a prompt for an ambitious lower status male to say “I’d like to try one more thing” if he can.

How do you use on and off in a sentence?

newspaper reporters everywhere both on and off the forts. They are loose and easy to pull on and off. Raining on and off all day, rather stormy, posted papers home.

Where are you off to meaning in English?

Where are you off to?: Where are you going? Where are you heading to? In which direction are you going?

How do you use night in a sentence?

Night sentence examplesThat night… was Dad’s birthday. … The night air smelled of honeysuckle and pulsed with the sound of crickets. … No, she was reading too much into an innocent good night kiss. … I can pick you up at the hospital after work and we can spend the night up there.More items…

Do something on and off?

“Off and on” describes something that has continued to happen, but has not happened constantly. For example, if you dated someone, then broke up, then got back together, then broke up, and so on, you’d describe it: We dated off and on for about 3 years.

What is the meaning of on and on?

Meaning of on and on in English on and on. adverb. us/ˈɔn ən ˈɔn, ˈɑn ən ˈɑn/ continuing for a long time: The noise just went on and on.

What means intermittently?

stopping or ceasing for a time; alternately ceasing and beginning again: an intermittent pain. alternately functioning and not functioning or alternately functioning properly and improperly. (of streams, lakes, or springs) recurrent; showing water only part of the time.

What is difference between off and of?

Of is a preposition that indicates relationships between other words, such as belonging, things made of other things, things that contain other things, or a point of reckoning. Off is usually used as an adverb or a preposition. In both cases, it indicates separation or disconnection.

What does off mean in text?

What does OFF stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningOFFOur Favorite Family (The Simpsons)OFFOffensive Rebound (basketball)OFFOnly for FunOFFOut for Fame1 more row

Where do we use in and of?

How to Use Preposition in English Grammar (On, At, In, Of, For)On : On (refers a surface of something)- I kept the dishes on the dining table. … At : At (to indicate a place)- There are a good number of people at the park. … In : In (to indicate a location)- I am in my friend’s place now. … To : To (to indicate the direction, place)- The friends went to the restaurant. … Of : … For :

Are on and off relationships toxic?

In comparison to more stable partnerships, on-off relationships were linked to higher rates of abuse, lower levels of commitment and poorer communication. These types of relationships were associated with greater psychological distress, such as depression and anxiety.

Will on and off relationships ever work?

On-again-off-again relationships are more common today than ever, but are they really good for our connections or even our mental health? Short answer: no. … If you’re stuck in an on-again-off-again relationship pattern, it’s time to break the cycle before it breaks you.

Is on and off hyphenated?

Generally, however, if the word is a noun, it is closed. … Note that phrases beginning with off or on that serve to modify a noun are hyphenated before it, as in “off-the-cuff remarks” and “on-the-job injuries.” Treatment after the noun varies, however, according to whether the phrase is permanent or temporary.

How do you say on and off?

on and off / synonymsoff and on. phr. & and then. phr. & adj.infrequently. adj. & adv.sometimes. adv. & adj.occasionally. adv.from time to time. phr. & adv.every once in a while. phr. & adv.once in a while. phr. & adv.More items…

What is a synonym for intermittently?

SYNONYMS. sporadic, irregular, fitful, spasmodic, broken, fragmentary, discontinuous, disconnected, isolated, odd, random, patchy, scattered. on again and off again, on and off, in fits and starts. occasional, periodic, cyclic, recurrent, recurring.