Question: What Are Examples Of Configuration Items?

Which is the best configuration management tools?

Best Configuration Management Tools (SCM Tools)#1) SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor.#2) CFEngine Configuration Tool.#3) Puppet Configuration Tool.#4) CHEF Configuration Tool.#5) Ansible Configuration Tool.#6) SALTSTACK Configuration Tool.#7) JUJU Configuration Tool.#8) RUDDER.More items…•.

What is FCR in ITIL?

First call resolution (sometimes called “first contact resolution” or FCR) is an industry recognized metric for the performance of the Service Desk. … While ITIL acknowledges FCR as an important Service Desk metric, it steers clear of offering a target or benchmark.

How do you identify a configuration item?

Configuration items can include hardware, equipment, and tangible assets as well as software and documentation. Documentation can include requirements specifications and interface documents. Other documents that serve to identify the configuration of the product or service, such as test results, may also be included.

What are software configuration items?

Definition “An aggregation of hardware, software, or both, that is designated for configuration management and treated as a single entity in the configuration management process.” …

What is configuration management system?

Configuration management is a process for maintaining computer systems, servers, and software in a desired, consistent state. … Managing IT system configurations involves defining a system’s desired state—like server configuration—then building and maintaining those systems.

What is a CI name?

Editing help is available. ( September 2018) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) The term configuration item (CI) refers to the fundamental structural unit of a configuration management system. Examples of CIs include individual requirements documents, software, models, and plans.

What’s a configuration?

1a : relative arrangement of parts or elements: such as. (1) : shape. (2) : contour of land configuration of the mountains. (3) : functional arrangement a small business computer system in its simplest configuration.

What is the difference between Asset and Configuration item?

An “Asset” is something that has intrinsic value to a person or an enterprise. A “Configuration Item” is an entity or thing that you with to track that is required for the delivery of a service. An Asset is often a Configuration Item but Configuration Items are not necessarily Assets.

What is a configuration management strategy?

A configuration management strategy is used to identify how, and by whom, the project’s products will be controlled and protected. It answers the questions: How and where the project’s products will be stored. What storage and retrieval security will be put in place.

What is Project configuration?

Project configuration management (PCM) is the collective body of processes, activities, tools and methods project practitioners can use to manage items during the project life cycle. PCM addresses the composition of a project, the documentation defining it, and other data supporting it.

What is a CI type?

A CI type is a category used to classify Configuration Items (CIs). The CI type identifies the required attributes and relationships that comprise a configuration record. Common CI Types include: hardware, software, documents, and users.

What are the attributes of a configuration item?

A configuration item (CI) is an IT asset or a combination of IT assets that may depend on and/or have relationships with other IT processes. A CI will have attributes which may be hierarchical and relationships that will be assigned by the configuration manager in the CM database.

What is DML in ITIL?

The Definitive Media Library (DML) is the secure logical library in which the definitive authorized versions of all media CIs are stored and protected. The DML typically consists of one or more software file-storage areas, as well as physical stores holding, for example, master copies on CD/DVD.

What is a configuration item ITIL?

Configuration Item (CI) A Configuration Item is an entity in a configuration management solution such as a CMDB. ITIL defines a CI as any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT Service. … Configuration items, their versions, and their changes form the basis of any configuration audit.

What is a configuration item record?

A Configuration Item Record records information on a singleconfiguration item (sub product) of a project. It records such information as the history, status, version and variant of each configuration item, and any details of important relationships between them.