Question: What Is Meaning Of Instead?

What is on behalf of mean?

1 : as a representative of someone The teacher accepted the award on behalf of the whole class.

2 or US in behalf of someone or in someone’s behalf : for the benefit of someone : in support of someone She spoke in behalf of the other candidate..

Is already in place meaning?

phrase. If something such as a law, a policy, or an administrative structure is in place, it is working or able to be used. Similar legislation is already in place in Wales. They’re offended by the elaborate security measures the police have put in place.

What is the meaning of insisted?

to be emphatic, firm, or resolute on some matter of desire, demand, intention, etc.: He insists on checking every shipment. to lay emphasis in assertion: to insist on the justice of a claim. to dwell with earnestness or emphasis (usually followed by on or upon): to insist on a point in a discussion.

What is the meaning of in place of?

in place of (someone or something) Instead of someone or something else; as a substitute for someone or something.

What is means of instead?

adverb. as a substitute or replacement; in the place or stead of someone or something: We ordered tea but were served coffee instead. in preference; as a preferred or accepted alternative: The city has its pleasures, but she wished instead for the quiet of country life.

What does incest mean?

noun. sexual intercourse between closely related persons. the crime of sexual intercourse, cohabitation, or marriage between persons within the degrees of consanguinity or affinity wherein marriage is legally forbidden.

How do you use instead of?

We can use instead of in the following ways:instead of + noun. I’ll have tea instead of coffee. instead coffee.instead of + a name. I’ll go instead of Jack. instead Jack.instead of + pronoun you, us, etc. I’ll go instead of him. instead him. instead of + verb + -ing. He went alone instead of waiting for me.

How do you spell identify?

verb (used with object), i·den·ti·fied, i·den·ti·fy·ing. to recognize or establish as being a particular person or thing; verify the identity of: to identify handwriting; to identify the bearer of a check.

What is the meaning of on account of?

phrase. You use on account of to introduce the reason or explanation for something. The President declined to deliver the speech himself, on account of a sore throat. A newly-married couple, he thought, on account of their walking so close together.

How do you use instead instead of?

Instead is generally used with the preposition of. We say instead of, which means one thing or person will replace another thing or person. After instead of we can use a noun or a gerund (VerbING): I think I will have tea instead of coffee this morning.

How do you spell instead of?

How Do You Spell INSTEAD OF? Correct spelling for the English word “instead of” is [ɪnstˈɛd ɒv], [ɪnstˈɛd ɒv], [ɪ_n_s_t_ˈɛ_d ɒ_v] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Raggedy mean?

not in good conditionEnglish Language Learners Definition of raggedy informal : not in good condition. See the full definition for raggedy in the English Language Learners Dictionary. raggedy. adjective. rag·​gedy | \ ˈra-gə-dē \

What’s another word for instead?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for instead, like: alternatively, rather, in preference, in its stead, as a substitute, in its place, as an alternative, preferably, on-second-thought, equivalent and or-else.