Quick Answer: Can I Control Sony Sound Bar With TV Remote?

Is it better to connect Soundbar with HDMI or Optical?

Both cables can be had pretty cheap.

The biggest difference is that HDMI can pass higher-resolution audio, including the formats found on Blu-ray: Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio.

These formats can’t get transmitted across optical.

In terms of simplicity, HDMI also passes video signals..

What is the best way to connect a soundbar to a TV?

Connect one end of the HDMI cable (sold separately) to the HDMI IN port on your TV.Connect the other end to the TV OUT (ARC) port on your sound bar.Then, connect an optical audio cable from the TV’s Optical digital audio out to OPTICAL IN on your sound bar (this is necessary to hear the TV audio).

How do I sync my soundbar to my TV?

Soundbar is out of sync with the TVPress Sound Control on the soundbar remote, and then use the Left/Right buttons to adjust until sound is synced.Press Audio Sync on the soundbar remote, and then use the Skip Forward/Backward buttons to adjust until the sound is synced.Press + or – under Audio Sync to adjust until the sound is synced.

How do I reset my LG sound bar without the remote?

Once you reconnect the power cord, press down either the join button, play/pause button, or the mute button. Press the buttons and connect the cord at the same time. Hold the button until you see the lights flash white and orange. You will know the process is complete when the buttons turn green.

How do I pair my LG Sound Bar Remote?

On your LG remote press the Home button.Select Device Connector.Select the Soundbar.Select Next afterwards.Select Remote Type 1.And select Next.Select Done.

Why is my soundbar not working?

In case you’ve connected your television set to the soundbar using a cable but there’s no audio, the most likely cause of the problem is an improper cable connection or a malfunctioning cable. If the speaker is actually turned on and there’s no audio, first check the connection.

Can I control my Soundbar with my TV remote?

Sometimes there are just too many remotes to keep track of. You can simplify things by using one remote to control your Samsung TV and soundbar. As long as your soundbar is connected to your TV with either an optical cable or HDMI via ARC, you can control the volume and mute the soundbar using your Samsung TV’s remote.

How do I sync my Sony soundbar to my TV?

Not all Android TVs have an A/V sync setting.Press the HOMEbutton.Select. Settings.The next steps will depend on your TV menu options: Select Display &Sound → Audio output → A/V sync → Auto or On. Select Sound → A/V sync → Auto or On.

How do I control my Soundbar with my phone?

To control the Soundbar with your smart device and the Samsung Audio Remote app, download the Samsung Audio Remote app from Google Play Store….Getting Started Touch Audio Remote. … Touch the device you wish to connect. … Touch the Back icon when the connection is complete. Touch the X to close the window.

Which connection is best for soundbar?

The best way to connect your soundbar (HDMI)Make sure the TV, soundbar, and device are turned off. … Connect a second HDMI cable from the HDMI OUT port on your cable box or video game system to the HDMI IN port on your soundbar.Turn your device on.More items…

Why does my soundbar not work with Netflix?

If you’re experiencing audio issues with your Netflix on the home theater soundbar, check for any loose connections or bad wiring. If the soundbar works with other apps, you can also check the audio settings and change for a compatible option. Check your TV settings too as some will not audio outputs configured.

Why is my soundbar not working with my TV?

Make sure that the ARC feature of your audio device is set to ON or AUTO. Verify that sound is output from the TV after turning on the TV and then the audio device. Make sure that your audio device is set to TV input. Change the TV audio output setting to PCM and check whether sound is output.

What is the F button on LG Sound Bar Remote?

F (Function): Selects the function and the input source. LG Sound Sync (Wireless) LG TV HDMI IN HDMI Portable PORT.

Can a universal remote work on a sound bar?

New Universal Remote Control Work for Almost All VIZIO TV DVD Sound bar and hometheater, sub VIZIO VR1 VR2, VR4 VR10.

Can I control my Soundbar with my LG TV remote?

Sound Sync allows your compatible LG devices to communicate via Bluetooth or Digital Optical connections. Devices connected using Sound Sync will have the ability to be controlled by one remote. … Switch your Soundbar input mode to LG TV for wireless connections, or Optical otherwise.

Should I use PCM or Dolby Digital?

Distinguished Member. Dolby Digital is compressed so PCM is better. Dolby True HD, DTS HD MA, Atmos and DTS X are also lossless, so should be similar quality to PCM. If the source audio is stereo, it should only be coming from your front left and right speakers unless you use an up mixer.

What’s the best connection for a soundbar?

4 ways to connect your soundbar to your TVHDMI. An HDMI cable is by far the best way to hook your soundbar up to your TV. … Digital optical or digital coaxial. … 3.5mm line out or RCA. … Headphone jack.