Quick Answer: Did Trevor Kill Johnny?

Why does Trevor kill Johnny?

Most likely just to end him for story’s sake.

After The Lost and Damned, nobody knew what happened to Johnny.

So I guess Rockstar got tired of him and just killed him off for convenience’s sake.

To kill him off was a silly move by rockstar and may of been trying to show the cruelity of Trevor..

How old is Niko Bellic?

Niko BellicWeight79kgBorn17 December 1978ResidenceLiberty City (2008-)Age30 (2008)4 more rows

Is Johnny dead?

Deceased (1940–2020)Johnny Nash/Living or Deceased

Who does Trevor kill?

agent Steve HainesTrevor kills corrupt Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) agent Steve Haines, who forced the trio to do a number of jobs for him before betraying them and ordering Trevor’s death, and kidnaps Devin Weston, a billionaire investor who cheated them out a lot of money, so that they could kill him together.

Who is Johnny K?

John Karkazis, better known as Johnny K, (born in Chicago, Illinois) is a producer, engineer, mixer, musician, and songwriter. He owns Groovemaster Recording Studios in Chicago.

Did Trevor kill Floyd?

Trevor, getting increasingly agitated at the spat, shouts “You people are not very fucking nice!” before the screen fades to black. Trevor is later seen stepping out of the apartment covered in blood, indicating that the confrontation ended in violence with both Debra and Floyd brutally killed.

Is Johnny klebitz alive?

Johnny Klebitz is alive in GTA:O. – GTA V – GTAForums.

What happens if Trevor doesn’t kill Ortega?

If Ortega is spared by Trevor, he will quickly flee the scene and he will reappear at the end of Trevor Philips Industries, looking for revenge on Trevor by assaulting his meth lab while Trevor is attempting to show it to Tao Cheng and his translator.

Is CJ Franklin’s dad?

CJ is Franklin’s dad. Franklin is CJ’s son.