Quick Answer: Why Do Computer Fans Have 3 Wires?

Can I connect a 3 wire fan to a 2 wire connector?


The 3 Pin fan will fit onto the 2 pin you just need to match the holes and the pins and see which two contacts make the fan function..

How do you wire a ceiling fan with 3 wires?

To do this method, the wire from your wall circuit to your light has to have 3 wires.Connect black fan wire to the black ceiling wire.Connect the blue wire to the red wire.Connect white wires together.Connect green/copper wires.

How do I control my 3 pin fan speed?

For 3-pin fans, the connections to it are Ground to Pin #1, +VDC (varying) to Pin #2, and Speed signal on Pin #3. To control fan speed, the mobo header must alter the voltage on Pin #2, ranging form +12 VDC (max) to about +5 VDC.

Can 3 pin fans plug into 4 pin?

Apparently a 3-pin fan can plug directly into a 4-pin socket. … Speed is controlled by changing the fan voltage. If you plug a 4 pin fan into a 3 pin socket, the fan speed will be controlled by voltage and it’ll still work. The plugs are keyed so you can’t get the pins around the wrong way.

Can I connect a 4 wire fan to a 2 wire connector?

Don’t use that 4-wire fan with your 2-wire controller… Don’t Cut the connector… Bend Over…

Do 3 pin fans run at full speed?

If they are given 12v, then they will run at full speed, yes. The only way to make them run slower is to lower the voltage. Check to see how your motherboard controls the speed of the fans.

How does a 3 wire computer fan work?

A three wire fan adds a tachometer output to the two wire fan. The yellow wire pulses an output voltage twice per fan revolution. With the fan spinning at 6000 RPM, you would measure a 200 Hz pulse rate (6000 rev/min / 60 s * 2 pulses/rev = 200 pulses/sec). Some PC motherboards monitor this input.

Why do computer fans have 4 wires?

However, the 4-wire fan is a little different as it has the fourth ‘control’ wire to input a signal to the fan that commands it to speed up or speed down. Simply, a 3-wire fan reports its speed, and a 4-wire fan lets regulate its speed by an external signal, usually coming from the motherboard.