What Does FJ Stand For In Toyota?

Is Toyota bringing back the FJ?

While Toyota likely won’t bring back the exact FJ Cruiser model name in the foreseeable future, brand executives have strongly implied that a new hardcore off-road oriented small-SUV will make an appearance in the upcoming years..

What is the best year for Toyota FJ Cruiser?

2014The 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the most reliable midsize SUVs you can buy. It earns five out of five circles in reliability from J.D. Power and Associates.

How long will a Toyota FJ Cruiser last?

FJ Cruisers mileage can run well into 250K + miles without any mechanical failures, provided the scheduled maintenance and services have been carried out. Many owners have run well into 300K+ miles with just the regular maintenance and a few small cosmetic issues.

Do FJ Cruisers hold their value?

Led by the remarkably resilient Toyota FJ Cruiser, every vehicle on this year’s Top 10 list of Best Resale Value Award winners is projected to retain at least half its original value after five years of typical ownership.

What is the best used Toyota to buy?

Used Toyota Corolla The Corolla is the best used Toyota for you. While it is smaller than other sedans in the lineup, the Corolla still offers more than enough room inside to keep you comfortable when you’re driving. Plus, many used models are home to innovative features, including a premium sound system.

What is the best used Toyota SUV?

The Toyota Highlander was iSeeCars.com’s runner-up for the best used SUV. It was also named as one of the best five-year-old used cars under $20,000 and one of its best three-year-old used cars from $20,000 to $30,000.

What FJ means?

from ask.com. In the name FJ Cruiser, the “F” designates the the engine type, where “F” stands for gas, and a “B” stands for diesel. The “J” stands for jeep. The original Toyota “jeep” was called the “BJ”, later renamed Land Cruiser.

Why did Toyota discontinue the FJ?

Why Toyota killed the cult classic FJ Cruiser The FJ Cruiser is a retro, off-road machine that debuted in the U.S. in 2003 as a salute to the classic Toyota FJ Land Cruisers. Sales began to plummet after the great recession, and Toyota pulled the vehicle out of the U.S. entirely after the 2014 model year.

Is there a 2020 FJ Cruiser?

It still hasn’t, in fact, as you can still buy a brand-new FJ Cruiser in 2020, provided you live in the SUV’s last stronghold, the United Arab Emirates. Still proudly listed as part of Toyota’s current UAE lineup, the 2020 FJ Cruiser is almost unchanged from the vehicle we Americans haven’t been able to buy since 2014.

Are Toyota FJ Cruisers good cars?

Even if you’re not into off-roading or overlanding, a Toyota SUV is usually the way to go where reliability’s concerned. True, some of that reliability stems from a lack of significant design updates.

What is Toyota replacing the FJ Cruiser with?

Whatever the Australian future is for the FJ Cruiser replacement or Bronco, Toyota is still set to go after the retro-SUV market anyway, with the smaller Bronco Sport-rivalling TJ Cruiser.

Is the FJ Cruiser comfortable?

The FJ tows the pop-up with ease. As a daily driver the ride is very compliant,quiet and comfortable. The gas mileage is decent, the unique style sets it apart from everything else on the market. The Bluetooth and JBL audio system w/subwoofer is great.