What Weight Do You Need A Tachograph?

Does a 3.5 tonne vehicle need a tachograph?

Companies are legally obliged to fit a tachograph if the vehicle in question weighs more than 3.5 tonnes.

This is often referred to as the gross vehicle weight (GVW) or the maximum authorised mass (MAM).

If you only drive light vans up to 3.5 tonnes and never do any towing then your vehicle doesn’t need a tachograph..

Does a 5 ton van need a Operators Licence?

You need an Operator’s Licence if you want to use a vehicle over 3.5tonnes (3500kg) plated weight for the purpose of carrying of goods in conjunction with a trade or business. The licence is required whether or not goods carriage is for hire or reward.

Introduced in 1985 to record speed, distance and driver activity, tachographs are an established safety feature and a legal requirement for commercial vehicles with a weight in excess of 3,500 kgs (approx. … The fitting of smart tachographs will become a legal requirement for vehicles registered after 15 June 2019.

Who needs an O Licence?

You need a Road Passenger Transport Operator’s Licence if you are carrying passengers by road for hire or reward in vehicles constructed and equipped so as to be suitable for carrying nine or more passengers. “Hire or Reward” arises when you are paid for carrying passengers.

Is a van classed as a goods vehicle?

A goods vehicle is defined as a vehicle of a construction primarily suited for the conveyance of goods or burden of any description (not people). A vehicle whose design weight exceeds 3,500kg is not a van, but a heavy goods vehicle.

Do I need a tachograph to tow a car trailer?

The law states that the weight of the trailer must be added to the gross vehicle weight of the van. So if the van has a gvw of 3.5 tonnes and it’s towing a two-tonne trailer, the vehicle effectively weighs 5.5 tonnes and must have a tachograph – and you’ll need an O-licence to operate it too.

Can I tow a trailer without a tachograph?

In general, you don’t need a tacho so long as you are not towing for hire or reward. If you are being paid, and the maximum authorised mass (MAM) (including any trailer or semi – trailer) exceeds 3.5 tonnes, a tachograph would be required.

What size vehicle needs a tachograph?

Tachographs. A tachograph is a recording device built into any vehicle with a gross mass of 3,500kg or above – regardless of trailer – a tachograph must be fitted and used when the journey is in scope of EC drivers’ hours rules.

Can you drive without a tachograph?

In order to be driving without a digital tacho card you must: … You can only drive without a tacho card for a maximum of 15 calendar days. The DVLA is required to issue you a new card within 5 working days, so this should not be a huge problem.

Do I need a tachograph for private use?

You do not need a tachograph if you are making a personal journey and driving a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes (though you would need an appropriate licence to drive a vehicle that size).

Who is exempt from using tachograph?

Digital Tachograph Exemptions A vehicle whose gross vehicle weight is not more than 3.5 tonnes. A vehicle with between 10 and 17 seats (including driver’s seat) used exclusively for the non-commercial carriage of passengers. A vehicle with a maximum authorised speed not exceeding 40kph.

How much is a tachograph card?

Driver cards are available from the DVLA for £32. For more information, call the Tachograph Smart Card helpline on: 0300 790 6109.

Do you need a CPC to hire a 7.5 tonne lorry?

DVSA has reminded drivers that they now can’t legally drive a 7.5 tonne truck professionally even if it’s on their driving licence unless they have completed the Driver CPC. “Please note that is DVSA opinion and does not carry any legal weight. …

Do you need an operators Licence for a cherry picker?

Can Anyone Use a Cherry Picker? If you’re thinking about cherry picker hire for your work site or personal use, you or the operator need to be fully licensed. To use any type of elevated work platform (EWP), you must have completed the appropriate training and hold a valid ticket recognised in your state or nationally.